Unlock New Opportunities with the Lookii Partner Program

Lookii.com is revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers through its pioneering AR check-in platform. By combining the power of WebAR (Web-based Augmented Reality) and AI technology, Lookii.com offers immersive and engaging experiences that transcend the boundaries of physical and digital realms.

The AR check-in market is vast and rapidly growing, spanning numerous industries and seamlessly integrating online and offline experiences. As a Lookii.com Partner, you have the opportunity to tap into this lucrative and forward-thinking market, while enjoying substantial revenue-sharing benefits.

Key Advantages of the Lookii.com Partner Program:

  • Vast Market Potential: Leverage the limitless applications of AR check-in services across various sectors, including tourism, retail, events, real estate, education, and local businesses.
  • Sustainable Revenue Stream: By partnering with Lookii.com, you gain access to a continuous stream of revenue through our generous revenue-sharing model, which offers up to 30% of platform earnings.
  • Business Expansion Opportunities: In addition to the AR check-in platform, you can capitalize on complementary services, such as strategic planning, content creation, and campaign management for your clients, retaining 100% of the profits from these expanded offerings.
  • Seamless Online-to-Offline Integration: Lookii's AR check-in services seamlessly blend online and offline experiences, allowing you to cater to the evolving needs of businesses and consumers alike.

How the Lookii Partner Program Works:

  • Apply to Become a Lookii Partner The first step is to apply for the Lookii Partner Program. Visit our Partner Page and complete the application form, providing details about your business and areas of expertise. Once approved, you'll gain access to partner resources and your unique referral link.
  • Promote Your Referral Link As a Lookii Partner, you'll receive a unique referral link to share with potential clients. Promote this link through your website, email marketing, social media, or any other channels to drive new signups.
  • Get Paid from Multiple Revenue Streams In addition to earning commissions when your referred clients upgrade to paid Lookii memberships, you can also generate revenue by offering value-added services to your clients. This includes charging for AR campaign design, strategic consulting, content creation, and more.
  • Help Clients Set Up Campaigns Leverage your expertise to assist your clients in setting up successful AR campaigns on the Lookii platform. Guide them through creating engaging experiences, adding recognition targets, and uploading AR content.
  • Launch Campaigns and Drive Results Once your clients' campaigns are set up, help them launch and promote their AR experiences to their target audiences. Provide strategic guidance to maximize user engagement, conversions, and overall campaign performance.

Join the Lookii Partner Program today and unlock a world of possibilities. Leverage our cutting-edge technology, tap into a rapidly growing market, and generate sustainable revenue streams while providing your clients with unforgettable, immersive experiences.

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