Subscriber Questions

What is a Subscriber?

A Subscriber is anyone who subscribes to a Channel to view its content.

What is a Channel?

A Channel is where Publishers post messages and Subscribers read those messages. Publishers can create multiple channels and Subscribers can subscribe to multiple channels as well. Channels can be set up as Free or Paid for subscribers to view. They can also be Public or Private if the Publisher wants to hide the content to allow only approved subscribers to view the content.

Where do new messages appear?

New messages from all channels you subscribe to will appear in your “Inbox”. You can also view only messages from one particular channel by visiting that channel directly.

Can Offline Businesses and Organizations use Lookii?

Yes, Absolutely. Lookii can be used as an Offline tool by businesses and organizations to capture, manage and communicate with leads, fans, customers, and clients.

We have implemented a QR Code system with a built in Scanner.  Every Channel Page has a QR Code to easily subscribe to that channel.  Every Subscriber receives a Personal QR Code embedded with their subscription details.  Channel Owners (Publishers) can use the Scanner to scan a Subscriber’s Personal QR Code to verify their membership.  This is great for shops, restaurants, and other offline businesses as well as clubs and organizations.  You can verify members for special deals or entrance to events and much more.

For more detailed information on this topic, view our Documentation.

Can subscribers save the messages they want to keep?

Yes. Subscribers can save or “favorite” any message they want to keep in their favorites folder by simply clicking on the star next to the message.