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Using Promotional Codes on Lookii

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Did you receive a Promotional Code to Upgrade?

You may have received a Promotional Code to Upgrade a Channel to Pro level.
(May also be called promo code, coupon code or discount code by some.)

Here is the information you need to use the code to upgrade:

  1. Go to this page and Signup…CLICK HERE! It will look like this:Lookii_Support_-_Lookii_Login_Form
  2. After you sign up and login to Lookii, you will see a Dashboard. Click on Publisher Area.Publisher Area
  3. Once in the Publisher Area, you will a see the “Create Channel” button. Click it to Create a Channel.Create a Channel
  4. After you have created aChannel, let’s go Upgrade it. First, Click on Settings.Setting to Edit Channel
  5. Then click on “Upgrade Channel”.Upgrade Channel
  6. Now you can Enter your Code in the “Use Promotional Code” box at the bottom of the upgrade page.Enter Upgrade Code

    That’s it!

Remember: If you need any help, please view our Support pages first, located at You will find a growing list of FAQ’s and Documentation.

If you still need assistance, please submit a Support Ticket.

Thanks again for joining us and Welcome to Lookii.


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