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Lookii is an all-in-one communication and marketing tool that
allows you to Publish any content to an unlimited number of
subscribers, free or paid, public or private. Start Now!

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Why Choose Lookii ?

Lookii simplifies the way we communicate with subscribers, members, customers, fans, or any group of people.
You can even accept payments directly for your content, products, or services.

Paid Content
Made Easy

Get paid for your premium content easier than ever before and Lookii supports recurring subscriptions too!

Group Communication
So Simple

Create channels for groups of people with similiar interests for highly targeted and effective communication.

Modern Marketing
Gets Personal

No more bulk email and spamming! You'll be sending highly targeted content to happy subscribers with 100% delivery.

What Can You Do With Lookii ?

These are just a few of the amazing things you could easily
manage with a Lookii Channel, but there's so much more.

Lookii's Amazing Features

These are just a few of Lookii's Amazing Features for Publishers.

Multiple Channels, One Account

Create multiple channels and manage them all in One Account dashboard with ease.

Paid Content

Get Paid for your content easier than ever before, supports recurring subscriptions too!

Automatic Notifications

Subscribers receive notifications when you send broadcasts, even on mobile devices.

HTML5 Newsletters

Send your subscribers beautiful, responsive newsletters with image and video support.

Comments and Discussion

Connect with your subscribers quickly and easily with comments on your messages.

Autoresponders (coming soon)

Lookii gives you the flexibility to prepare content in advance and schedule sending.


Download "Lookii Reader"

Lookii Reader allows you to view your Lookii Channel subscriptions on your mobile devices. You can view all messages from all Channels in your Lookii Inbox.

You can add new messages to your Favorites and view all favorited messages under the Favorites tab. You can view all of the Channels you subscribe to under the Subscriptions tab. You will also find your personal QR Code for each of your subscribed Channels as well as a QR Code reader for subscribing to new Channels.

Channel owners can scan personal QR Codes to verify active members of a channel. This is a great feature for offline businesses or events, especially for verifying channel members. Enjoy your Lookii Reader for the convenience of viewing your Lookii Channels from anywhere in the world!

Your Personal Lookii Help Desk

Easily Find Helpful Documentation, FAQs, or Create Support Tickets

Ticket System

When documentation and faqs are just not enough, simply create a support ticket.



Clear and helpful documentation of features and processes with multimedia support.


Extensive FAQ

Access an extensive and growing list of Frequently Asked Questions that get to the point.